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[COCO] Pinup Cheongsam

Updated: Jan 8

Credits: coco2048 (oc. auth.), Ravelent (screenshots) Supports 3BA and CBBE Physics bodies.

Must be built in BodySlide first! Make sure your body mods are up to date! Contains Slutty version and all paywalled colors.

-> Applied a method to make 4845's alpha's blend, meaning that panties and stockings won't disappear when wearing transparent skirt -> Added Fur2 and QipaoShort + 05 texture options (merged from COCO's Cheongsam V6 update) -> Added texture sets to GND's

-> Cleaned up most meshes and SMP xml's

-> Redone most of the 3BA and CBBE bodyslides and meshes

-> Redone .esp's



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