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H2135's Fantasy Series 8

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Credits: RyanReos & ZKuro (oc. auth.), Harry2135 (Skyrim port) Ravelent (screenshots)

Should have been called Elf Swordmaster, Harry's naming is so boring :/ Supports 3BA body.

Must be built in BodySlide first! Make sure your body mods are up to date! Updated per request and because this armor is untouched since 2020.

-> Added back sliders that were missing (OldBaseShape and etc.)

-> Added texture sets saving like 200Mb's of file size with no visual impact on different colors

-> A lot of base slider balancing, like UpperArm parts being dragged weirdly by Breast slider and many more

-> Cleaned up meshes and SMP .xml's

-> Completely redone bodyslots, so they actually fit the mesh

-> More polished Realistic bounces (thanks to Acro)

-> Tons of esp tweaks and rebalancing

-> Updated to 3BAv2

Download (3BA)


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