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Vanilla Chokers & Earrings

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Credits: GomaPeroPero (oc. auth.), Mdy (enchantments version)

Supports SMP physics for Earrings. The mod has fully craftable variations of Goma's Edited Vanilla chokers & earrings. There are also enchanted variations that resemble the effects of their name. As in Arkay having Arkay's amulet enchantments and etc. I recommend using a texture mod like - ElSopa's Glorious Amulets or RUSTIC Amulets, could be anything else to be honest, only knew of these 2, but I am pretty sure there's many more! The chokers do not take regular amulet's slot, so you can mix and match two at once, as the amulets are a bit lower than the chokers making most of them clipping-free.



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